Incoming raw water from the tap is supplied by SYABAS.

Consists of commercial carbon filter and a dual tank water softerner used to de-chlorinate and soften the water before distillation process.

Test for chlorine and water hardness.

Chlorine level should be 0 PPM, if not the carbon filter needs to be changed.

Water hardness should be 0 PPM, if not more salt needs to be added.

Water is boiled to 100°C forming vapour steam.

Removal of all biological impurities and contaminants.

Condensation of vapour steam to form pure distilled water.


The high density polyethylene storage tanks are designed for the storage of high quality processed pure distilled water before bottling.

All internal tank surfaces are smooth to limit the number of rough surfaces that will support bacteriological growth.

The water is so pure that it is used in the manufacture of pharmaceutical and liquid drug prescriptions. It is a universally accepted standard for biomedical applications.

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